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In line with our mission to ‘turn people on’, Torque Media strengthens communication with key stakeholders. From employer branding to sales education to policy rollouts, Torque increasingly aspires to create innovative media and powerful communication.


Made For You

Our tailor-made turnshops are aligned with the needs assessment of your organization. They are fueled by research and formulated in sync with the organization’s goals, structure, culture and performance gaps.

Roots To Shoots

As humans, the questions that move our spirits are: who are we? and why are we here? As we socialize and form groups with other humans, these questions remain the same – to what purpose are we here and doing this. Enlightened is the soul that knows these answers.

Let’s Go Together

This is an escape to the landscape. It does not have to be an outdoor affair, but we insist you avail our network of gorgeous beaches, mountainous ranges, and the balmy seas. The idea is to reflect and bond, as individuals and team.


Conferences and conventions have been around even before the inception of the learning industry. On a relative scale, they are counted amongst  the richest source of knowledge. At Torque, we feel passionate about the potential and scope of these large-scale events

Digging Deep

We use focus group discussions as that one bird that attracts many worms; get insights, explore beliefs and opinions, share experiences, bounce concepts, develop strategies, gauge performance and breed ideas. It is qualitative. It is precise. It is powerful.

Research, Discover, Propose

The primer to our paint, the base to our building, needs analysis is how we customize our work for your organization. Need analysis can be a precursor to long-term transformational work, or a for-your-information only report.

Everybody Is Welcome

Torque turnshops cover subjects that are demanded yet not supplied; they are the need of the time, but not yet made discussed and made accessible for contribution.

Say It Loud

Got a stellar product or organization that nobody knows? A brand that says nothing? Give a face to your brand, a voice to your vision and become the leading brand on the block

Our Turners

Asma Mustafa

Lead Trainer / Coach

Asma is a Behavioural Change Trainer and Lead Consultant at Torque with 11 years of experience in the capability development of employees in diverse industries. She is an outstanding communicator who excels at facilitating small- and large-group meetings to involve all stakeholders.

Asma Mustafa

Burhan Shah


Burhan Shah is an immersion of 16+years of experience from telecom, banking to automobile industry. A Turner who you can relate to on a personal level since he is a natural conversationalist. Burhan turns around things since he is solemn on the philosophy ``Live to find your Passion``.

Burhan Shah

Umair Jaliawala

Founder / Lead Trainer

Umair Jaliawala is a certified trainer from British Council and has gained command over various areas of corporate trainings through training benchmarks such as CCPD etc. With 11+ training experience Umair remains one of the most influential individuals of Pakistan.

Umair Jaliawala

Urooj Mazhar

Lead Trainer / Coach

Urooj Mahar is a sheer lens to look at the beauty within individuals as she has trained people for all facets of life. She is a Turner who believes in the potnetials of indivduals & suggest in building strong relationships rather than strategies. She opts to train people to bring philosophy into practice.

Urooj Mazhar

Uzair Ausaf

CTO / Lead Trainer

Uzair Ausaf, is a picturesque of theory of leadership and effective human resource management since he has become the leading face of Torque in a very short span of time. A Turner who can inspire you because he was able to find his inspiration where other often failed to read between the lines.

Uzair Ausaf

High time we unravel a few myths surrounding leadership & share empowering and enduring facts by revisiting leadership as a concept and practice with new eyes.



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