4 Worth-Watching Public Speaking Ted Talks

Some studies suggest that people fear public speaking more than they fear death – isn’t that unbelievable. Yet, if you think about the way you heart hammers and your mouth goes dry when someone asks you to present in front of an audience, this finding does seem plausible.

We have taken out 4 Ted Talks where different speakers share different perspectives about public speaking; you are bound to find inspiration from one of them. After you’re done watching these, go register for Torque Powerful Presentations workshop for some live action with Uzair Ausaf.

1) Why do we fear public speaking? | Dave Guin
First thing first, let’s discuss the root cause of this phobia. Professor Guin has been doing public speaking for almost his entire adult life. He took a break from studying for 13 years, worked in various businesses and then returned to finish his degrees. He has been a professor of human communication for over twenty years.


2) How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

Once we know the why, let’s figure out the how. Watch as the sound expert, Julian shares some useful tips and shows vocal exercises which can be used to speak with empathy and impact.


3) The surprising secret to speak with confidence | Caroline Goyder
Confidence is the key, there’s no two ways about this. In this candid and personal talk, Caroline shares an inspiring story of shifting from stage-paralysis to expressive self. Accompanied by an uncommon prop, she motivates us to find the confidence within and use our voice as an instrument.


4) How public speaking will change your life | Bridget Sampson
Did you know that psychologists identify public speaking as an irrational fear? That’s because whatever catastrophic scenarios you cook up in your head, don’t really happen. Communication Consultant and Professor Bridget Sampson encourages people to share their unique gifts with the world by embracing public speaking.



Hopefully these sessions have warmed you up. It’s time to get in action with Uzair Ausaf  on 29&30 November in Karachi, where he will be conducting a workshop on Powerful Presentations.