About Torque

With a decade in Pakistan’s corporate learning space, Torque is a diverse tribe of consultants, trainers, facilitators and speakers. Our mantra is to turn people and organisations through innovative OD and L&D solutions. All our work carries our secret inspirational sauce (call it turn-on sauce) blended with an expe-digital outlook (experiential & digital). We’ve worked in 27 industries with 325000+ professionals across 328 multinational and local organisations.

We aim to be a distinct learning provider, bold and innovative, futuristic and collaborative; unlike traditional consultancies. We get our clients talking about turn offs (barriers to great performance) and offer culturally relevant solutions. From visioning to assessing, inspiring to equipping and bonding to digitising; our range of solutions is organically evolved by our diverse consultants and trainers.

As the turning force, we’re known for our energy, creativity and ownership to create transformational learning experiences. We collaborate with all who share our mandate to revitalise the corporate, help professionals perform at their peak and create exponential value for all stakeholders.

The quote constantly used for change is that change is the only constant. Do you see something there? We do. We believe in human desire respond to their calling, to rise, to revolt, and transform their world and the world around. We call that desire the turning force, without which, no framework or strategy flies, without which, all meetings are a lull and without which, we stay mediocre at best.

Our Code

    We stand by the following code:

  • Serve clients personally, not professionally
  • Create great things, not just more of the same or copy paste
  • Believe in what you do and in beings around you
  • Truth in all situations, there are no better answers
  • Humility always, for all we do, is the little we can
  • Collaborate crazy, we all have less time to do everything by ourselves
  • Loyalty to trade, to the industry, for we are part of it and because of it

Turns over the years

We take birth at School of Leadership. Umair Jaliawala envisions a corporate outlet for budding trainers like himself. Torque reaches out to top 100, demoing at many places and developing its own ways of turning people on. Some success!



The tribe increases and is powered by Urooj Mazhar, Saquib Niaz and Faizan Malik. Soon to be sensational, the Torque wings extend to Trainers Resource Group and The Indus Entrepreneurs Karachi. The clients include top multinationals, and we are no less than a pleasant surprise.

Torque momentum continues to become a full-fledged team ready to take on bigger work.



We expand into pharmaceutical industry and cement our feet by turning on pharma giants such as NOVARTIS, GSK, Pzifer, Sandos and many others.

Torque goes global! We turn crazy and decide to take on more adventurous rides. We multiply our revenue by going international. Excel at an assignment with Tyre Sales in Malaysia.



Torque continues to take on more power and works intensively with automobile industry (Indus Motors, Pak Suzuki & more) & FMCGs (Unilever, Nestle & many) as well as curates and delivers one of its kind projects "Smilestones" for clients like Pak Suzuki.

Time to hit and turn on emerging industries. We take retail industry by storm and experience the burst. Successfully cater Khaadi, J., Sana Safinaz.



Torque breaks into enhancing philanthropic organizations such as the Aga Khan Development Network. The portfolio expands and meet the requirements of various healthcare institutions across Pakistan.

Torque’s wheel spins swiftly with the addition of Burhan Shah on our consultancy panel. We combine our forces with leading telecommunication companies like Jazz, Telenor, Zong to take another leap and transform them digitally.



Execution of year long value rollouts with leading textile exporters of Pakistan. Develop e-learning modules for the newly launched LMS portal of the leading name of energy sector.

A year of celebration! Torque marks a decade of remarkable turns with different corporate professionals. A night of festivities to launch #Expotential. The celebration continues! Torque Pharma Academy takes birth, a dedicated business vertical ready to serve pharmaceutical clients.



Following the US Marine Semper Fi, we #LeaveNoOneBehind, Torque conducts strategic team meetings. Plans ahead for #T20 to unlock winning collaborations locally and globally. Expands grounds and enters into Central and North region.

Our Founder CEO

Umair jaliawala

Karachi, Pakistan

Business Executive Center,

F-17, Block 8, Clifton.

Islamabad, Pakistan

1st Floor, Professional Arcade,

E-11/3 Markaz.

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