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Whether it’s the love for stage, inspiration from a renowned trainer or just a calling, entering the training industry is a tough cookie to bite. It begins with having to explain to people what you actually do. The blank stares, the confused looks… acha lekin job kya hai? Then there’s the challenge of finding your unique style, breaking out of the stereotypes and choosing which route to take. If you’re still convinced and want to pursue your dreams then read on how Train the Trainer is the program for you.,Develop an inherent need to giveIt may seem all glitz and glamour but becoming a trainer is much deeper than that. It stems from an inherent need to help others, to share your knowledge with people and to impact lives positively.,Go beyond motivational videosYou need some inspiration, you open YouTube and bam, it is filled with motivational videos. Don’t get us wrong, they are great and super helpful but, a Lot of people are doing that. What’s going to be special about you? This is the important question that you need to answer for yourself. You need to set out a plan of action for yourself.Do your homeworkRead, read and read. We can’t put enough emphasis on this. Read about your subject, read about what the world is saying, read about the history and future predictions. You need to Know your topic thoroughly before you set out to share your learnings with others.Have patience This might be the most important tip. Be patient. You won’t ever get the audience of your choice. You will never get an ideal group of people who are on the exact wavelength as you are. Some will understand where you’re coming from and some will be totally blank. Some might raise nonsensical questions and some might pass rude comments. Remember, you’re the one on the stage, you’re doing your job so might as well take it all in good stride.Respect othersJust because you’re the star of the event doesn’t mean you can arrive late or unprepared. That’s how you start to lose it all. Have respect for others, value their time and attention.

These are just some of the tips, our Train the Trainer program will instill these and much more in you in a rigorous manner. Sign up if you are ready to take up the challenge!

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