Management Consultancy and Feedback

The management consultancy has flourished drastically over the past one decade in Pakistan. There are models and structures that are being created and implemented. Provision of management consultancy is a process where follow-up is a very integral step. In other words, a management consultancy project is seemingly incomplete or less-effective if there is no feedback response.
Feedback at Management Consultancy at Torque

At the same time, one needs to understand that the follow-up process. It would help attendees to gain on the perspective of skills. We, at Torque, understand the fact that if we do not keep a check on the process of training and consultancy then there is a downward slope for the TURNING vision. Therefore, a lot of consideration is given to the follow-up process. It is ensured that follow up emails are sent to the attendees where they go beyond training dimensions to explain about the process in general.

In addition, the consultancy projects require feedback to ensure effective research and development. The usage of qualitative and quantitative research methods are employed at the consultancy service department at Torque. Feedback system is a figurative area when it comes to management consultancy.

We also like to post the feedback that we get from our clients for future references. As a matter of fact, there are many other models that the management consultancy industry had been employing and experimenting on. Quiz emails are sent to the attendees after the completion of the consultancy and training. It comes to visible notice that quiz emails bring a one-on-one interaction of the solution with the problem. The interactions with the attendees and clients tend to become effective and one on one when they are reached out for the purpose of feedback. It is certainly an era of insights, and therefore follow-up provides an insight to the training courses and workshops.

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