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About Torque Pharma Academy

Torque Pharma Academy is a subsidiary of Torque Corp. We have stepped up with the passion to perform, turn ordinary to extraordinary, refine the raw, transform fear into fascination, and mere wisdom to wonder. Our primary tenet is turning; turning towards betterment, newness and the unexplored. We create lifelong learning experiences specialized for the Pharma industry to improve the norms and explore the unexplored!


1- Doctor Engagements

Doctor Engagements

Complete customized solutions for:
• Social events management
• CME’s (International & Local)
• Conferences (International & Local)
• Travel & Logistics Solutions
• Skill Development Workshops
• Motivational sessions
• Disease Awareness Sessions
• Celebrating health days
• Retreats for Dr families (International & Local)

2- Marketing Workshops (Train The Pharma Trainers)

Marketing Workshops (Train The Pharma Trainers)

In collaboration with renowned business & management schools, we provide customized trainings
& workshops for marketing personnel's on:
• Branding & Communication
• Marketing research
• Creativity & Innovation
• Analytical Thinking & Stress Management
• Influencing & Negotiation skills

3- Field Force Trainings

Field Force Trainings

Yearly Product trainings
• Budget meetings
• Product Refreshers
• New Product Trainings/New Product Launches
• Revival trainings/Motivational trainings

4- International Business Trainings

International Business Trainings

We have a pool of international trainers specialized in English, Russian, Arabic, and French trainers based across the
globe who can facilitate trainings for your international teams/distributors outside Pakistan.
• Mission. Vision. Value roll-outs
• Good Distribution Practices

5- Collaboration with Healthcare Institutions

Collaboration with Healthcare Institutions

Collaboration with hospitals to uplift the overall healthcare system by providing them quality trainings:
• Empathy
• Compassion

6- Pharmaceutical Consultancy

Pharmaceutical Consultancy

We offer consultancy for product trainings wrt medical, technical and disease trainings with our
experienced pharmaceutical trainers.

7- Thematic Annual Sales Conferences & Retreats

Thematic Annual Sales Conferences & Retreats

We offer complete event management for sales conferences and team retreats for our clients.

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