Organizational Development

Organisations that don’t think of Organisational Development don’t think too long. They don’t need to. Where training is a great tool for OD. OD ensures the organisation’s culture and team members grow in line with the organisation's direction and give their best each day in all they do. With our ‘turn on’ magic, our consultants and trainers offer the following OD solutions to our wide-array of clients:

  1. VMV Explorations & Cascade
  2. Assessments & Evaluations
  3. Climate surveys
  4. Learning Need Analysis
  5. Internal Trainer Development
  6. L&D Consulting & Content

Inspiration & Motivation

Instilling motivation often sounds like a challenging task. How do turners at Torque create their magic? They have a secret turn-on sauce that unfreezes professionals and breeds flexible mindset. Our trainers and speakers leverage their understanding of positive psychology to help participants listen to their inner voices, fight with their fears, work harder to pursue their dreams, contribute towards a common goal and achieve personal and professional pride through exemplary conduct. Our turners give fuel to the spark inside our audiences through a range of story-telling, introspective exercises, outbound challenges, deep meditations and tools for personal transformation. The buffet of inspiration & motivation has the following:

  1. Keynotes
  2. Retreats
  3. Adventure

Internal Trainer Development

It’s a treat to nurture training in our client organisations. It helps tremendously in raising effectiveness of external training work as well as makes the organisation self-sustainable for repeat work.

We want to see many more trainers and educators around and therefore put special focus on Trainer Development. From assessing talent for training to the intensive Train the Trainer (TTT), and post-TTT support through refreshers and content updates, we’ve helped some remarkable organisations initiate and strengthen their internal training pool.

We are proud of training hundreds of aspiring trainers. They are ambassadors of learning & development in their companies and communities. It’s also magical to see how their own lives have transformed and in response, they have been able to facilitate growth in the lives and careers of so many others.

Assessments & Intelligences

Torque AI offers scientific tools for assessments and evaluations for recruitment and development, employee engagement, service enhancement and customer insight generation. With qualified organisational psychologists leading the design and consulting, our turning force manages it all on your behalf and generates authentic insights for decision-making. With qualified organisational psychologists leading the design and consultation, our turning force manages it all on your behalf and generates authentic insights for decision-making. We use assessments where the candidates go through a range of simulation exercises, psychometric tests and activities to assess the suitable target jobs and enable organisations to identify potential talents for their organisations. On the other hand, through development centres the existing employees are facilitated through individual improvement and feedback sessions as well as they are prepared for future developmental plans.


Torque Coaching is our one-on-one offer to help coach individuals guide them to become more self-aware and realise their potential. Through this 4 week self-analysis program, individuals have the opportunity to identify their core strengths and hone in on them along with identifying their weaknesses along with gaining the ability and understanding to turn them around for themselves. This rigorous and customized program allows a person to break through their barriers and advance their leadership careers with an introspective outlook which not only provides a better understanding of mind but also allow them to turn their lives around.

Digital Learning

We're all witnessing the power of digital around us, it’s encouraging to see the belief and investment of OD and L&D in digital initiatives. We’re partners with a host of companies to blend our corporate learning expertise with the many tools. Our keenness to learn exponential technologies and leveraging them to raise effectiveness and efficiency for capacity building of professionals. Our top services in Digital Learning space include:

  1. eLearning through MOOCS
  2. Gamification for behavioral change
  3. Implementing Facebook for Work
  4. Webinars across organisations
  5. Video tutorials
  6. Quizzes and Assessments
  7. Instructional and Orientation videos
  8. Organizational Promotional videos
  9. Customized and Interactive e-modules
  10. Performance led e-Learning Solutions
  11. Adaptive Learning
  12. Blended Learning
  13. E-text books
  14. Mobile learning
  15. Personalized Learning

Outbound Learning Expeditions

Travel is a great source of learning and the power of environment is tremendous in framing certain ideas, opening teams up and raising effectiveness of learning. Alongside, they are a great tool to bring teams together, generate candid feedback and commit to better behaviors.

Many leading organisations send teams abroad or take them to local destinations for experiential learning. However the experience is limited to fancy trainer and place instead of real multi-sensory, contextually powerful and transformative experience. Through Folkways, we offer our corporate clients:

  1. Personalized corporate events according to organizations specifics needs
  2. Personalized developed plans through our travel experts, trainers and consultants
  3. Personalized developed cultural and environmental conscious transformative travel experiences
  4. Tourist & business visa consultancy, facilitation, and interview training

Communication Design & Consulting

The quality of a company’s communication can not only impact its reputation but also its business operation. To ensure effective communication, our team of corporate communications professionals provide unparalleled organizational communication consulting.
Our consultants have a dynamic background which enables them to handle both internal and external employee communication. We specialise in crafting narrative and inspiring themes in line with strategy and help shape enabling environment through powerful and interactive messaging.

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