Why is it important to invite problems into your life?

We all dream of a perfect life, without any tensions and hassles. But that’s wishful thinking at its best. For what’s life without challenges, risks, growth and aspirations? Running water never grows stale whereas stagnant water loses its purity.

We believe that problems are important for growth. It may sound a little unusual but bear with us for a minute. It’s only natural that we all value those things which we achieve after enduring a rough ride. As our lead turner Asma Mustafa Khan explains the phenomenon of growth in her workshops; childbirth is the prime example of this concept. The struggle of nine months and all the emotional and physical changes make it one of the most rewarding experiences of life. The child is valued more than anything else. Similarly, is the case with an oyster and a pearl. When a grain of sand slips inside the mantle and the shell of an oyster, it causes irritation and unease. The oyster battles to get rid of it, however, after a long process, a beautiful pearl is formed. Had there not been that one sand grain, there would have been no pearl. “Always derive examples from nature as they remain the divine truth unlike man made concepts and ideas”, says Asma.

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny. All the heroes we look up to, all the extraordinary human beings who left a mark on this world, their lives are adorned with problems.  Most of the time, they are self-invited problems. Abdul Sattar Eidhi didn’t have to become a humanitarian, but he chose to do it as it made him grow as a human being. So, to achieve anything meaningful in life, you absolutely have to go through a struggle. You will never value anything which was handed to you on a silver platter.

When it comes to businesses, the bigger the business, the more the difficulties and the more the difficulties the more the rewards. That’s the phenomenon of growth. It’s definitely easier to go downhill to go uphill but who can deny the fact that the view from the top is more beautiful? You can have an easy life, but then the outlook is going to be the same. In order to have a truly breathtaking view, you have to invite problems in your life.

Asma is a renowned global turner and will be conducting a workshop on “Creative Problem Solving & Effective Decision Making” on 29th August in Karachi.