Why do you procrastinate?

It’s not due until tomorrow night, so I’ll just start working on it tomorrow morning. It’s just naani, I’ll give her a call tomorrow. Ufff, just can't move today, gym from tomorrow for sure. We all have had similar or along-the-same-lines thoughts all our lives. It’s safe to say that we all suffer from Procrastination multiple times a week and we’re so tired of it! In order to solve an issue, it’s important to understand it first. So, we are listing down some reasons why you can’t get things done on time.Fear of the unknownThere are certain things that you might have to do for the first time. Some people you have to meet for business purposes, someone you have to call or some place you aren’t familiar with. There’s always a first and it’s not always comfortable. There are a lot of times when we hold onto our belief of 'Ignorance is bliss'. We choose not to go to the doctor just because we're scared of a serious diagnosis, we are scared of asking because we are afraid of rejection, we are scared of trying because we can't stand failing. But really, is not knowing the best way of living? What if an early diagnosis could save you a lifetime of regrets? What if asking could have given you much more than what you wanted? What if… this 'what if' is worse than the fear of the unknown.
Remember, knowledge is power! Getting smaller tasks done It’s not surprise that getting smaller tasks done is usually our priority as these tasks are familiar and easy to do. We usually put off the bigger, crucial jobs for ‘tomorrow’ (which really never comes). This may also have to do with the reward that one gets after finishing a task; smaller tasks reward earlier than harder ones. It’s hard to startSometimes the tasks on hand are unfamiliar and unique hence they trigger a sense of anxiety. This leads to procrastination and postponing the tasks for as long as possible. Even though we forget that the earlier we start, the more time we’ll have to figure out a course of action. One way to overcome this is to divide the bigger task into smaller ones and achieve them one by one.Distractions DistractionsThis might be the most common factor that affects work delays. Social media, socialising, texting, gossiping…we all have some guilty pleasures. Sure, that one piece of office gossip your coworker is dying to share with you is of immense importance but so is the presentation you have to do tomorrow! Seriously, just turn off the WiFi, put your phone on ‘Do not disturb’, close the door, find a secluded spot – consider these as rewards once you’re done with the work.
Half of the problem is solved when you realize you have a problem. Digging out the reason behind your procrastination will assist you in figuring out the solutions.

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